It’s no secret that being a medical sales rep is a difficult, but rewarding, profession. As rules, regulations, and industry standards change, your clients rely on your expertise and knowledge to stay up to date on your product and company. Not to mention the pressure from today’s healthcare consumers that expect medical treatments to increase their life expectancy while being cost-conscious. Sales reps are usually at the forefront of this pressure and have to work hard to make sure the product’s value is understood while adhering to the FDA regulations.

To be successful in the medical equipment and pharmaceutical sales industry you have to utilize the technology advancements to your benefit. You have this top of the line product with trailblazing innovation, so your story needs to be just as compelling as your product. What once worked a couple of years ago or even last year isn’t going to cut it. As technology advances and the selling environment changes, you have to adapt your sales strategy. Keep reading to learn the benefits of using tech in medical equipment and pharmaceutical sales!

Pick Your Medical Device Sales Tech Wisely

With so many different sales tools and platforms available today, it can be a little confusing to know where to start and what you really need to create a strong tech stack for your sales force. While every company’s needs may vary based on what they do in the MedTech industry, every company can benefit from adding the tech mentioned below!

CRM Platform

It’s important to make sure your technology stack involves a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to help reduce inaccurate information and the likelihood of errors when engaging with customers. You can automate your marketing and ongoing communications while capturing data about each customer. By using a CRM (like Hubspot or Salesforce), you can keep track of all the conversations been your sales reps and clients to help foster a strong relationship!

Sales Enablement Platform

A sales enablement tool can provide your sales force with a huge advantage. With a sales enablement platform like SoloFire, your reps have instant access to all your training and sales collateral in the palm of their hand. You can ensure every piece of content your reps are sharing is compliant and on-brand. As they share content, they receive actionable analytics so they know how to tailor their follow up conversation with each prospect. A sales enablement tool can even integrate with your CRM to create a seamless transaction of data!

Web Conferencing Tool

Historically, sales reps have spent the majority of their time traveling and visiting with clients out in the field for face-to-face interaction. Given the events of this year, web conferencing tools are more important than ever! Sales reps have had to adapt quickly and find creative ways to keep that “face-to-face interaction” while still creating a strong relationship. Thanks to tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts, your reps can create a virtual sales environment.

Social Media Networking

We couldn’t create a tech list without mentioning social media platforms. Social media networking can be a powerful tool for sales reps when used efficiently. After all, a technology-savvy rep will go where their customers are and that’s online! According to the Journal of Medical Research, over 67% of physicians use social media for professional use. If you’re not sure what platform to start with, LinkedIn is the gold standard for connecting and networking with peers, prospects, and clients.

Incorporate Medical Animation, AR, and VR Technolgy

Many med-tech products are complex and difficult to visualize in action. As you incorporate powerful medical animations, your sales reps can showcase the mechanism of action (MOA) and how medicines and devices work at a cellular level. Not everyone has the stomach for gory videos so medical illustrations help tell the story. Another bonus of using animations is it makes it easy to educate anyone, whether your sales reps are pitching potential clients or investors.

You can also incorporate virtual reality and augmented reality content into your technology toolkit. Both are great ways to create a compelling immersive and engaging experience in simulated experiences for your clients and their medical patients. Here at Infuse Medical, we can create medical animations, VR, and AR content to showcase your innovative products in a truly unforgettable way!

Utilize Tech to Show Value-Based Sales Content

Your prospective customers care about the product features and price, but what they care about more is how your product is going to benefit them and their specific needs. They want to see the value your product provides to them. As your reps present to multiple stakeholders, make sure they clearly understand the goals and objectives of each client. With this knowledge, your reps will be able to present personalized content from their sales enablement tool that specifically showcases the long term value of your product offering. Driving home the value helps your company to have higher customer retention, market share, and revenue!

We’ve Got Your Medical Technology Needs Covered

Using the right tech in medical equipment and pharmaceutical sales provides your reps (and your company) with huge opportunities to stand out against your competition. With over 13 years of experience, we have earned a reputation for providing medical device companies with innovative tech solutions. Contact us today and learn how we can help you with your medical technology needs – whether it’s design, eLearning, virtual reality, mobile app development, or something else!