Custom Mobile App Development


Infuse is an award-winning mobile development company established in 2007. We employ the best and brightest developers and creatives to work on highly complex custom mobile applications and sales apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.

With extensive 3D and mobile app development capabilities, we’ve created custom apps for some of the largest medical manufacturers in the world. As we’ve worked together, we have helped manufacturers envision and develop their own custom app. We have developed over 400+ apps ranging from sales enablement, interactive education and training, simulations, augmented reality, virtual reality, to medical apps.


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Have created over 400+ Mobile Apps

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Have over 10 years professional development experience

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Variety of Software development backgrounds from Enterprise Deployed systems to Indie developed mobile apps

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Experienced in requirements gathering and analysis to craft and build scaleable solutions

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Comfortable creating and working on front-ends, back-ends, and all mobile development

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Developed and maintain our own software to facilitate a better process for our team & clients


We know that sales teams rely on mobile technology around the clock. A well-equipped mobile device is a treasure trove of tools and information to help them sell more effectively. We are a sales enablement app developer that builds selling tools like ROI calculators, room configurators, AR product placement, product comparisons, content management, and interactive product walkthroughs available via your custom app. These tools found in a sales enablement app help sales teams find the right content, explain products, demonstrate how they work, and gather real-time sales data. Sales training apps also help get your team off and running. 

Gone are the days of flipping and sorting through brochures and notebooks to try and showcase your products and different offerings. When you work with a mobile sales enablement app developer who can help you with an app that your sales reps can quickly find and share impressive, digital content, you stand a better chance to close deals. Not to mention, all the money your teams will save. They don’t have to print marketing collateral or ship products back and forth for live demos. Your reps can simply open up their app and be prepared for every sales conversation. All sales content is available offline so they don’t have to worry about a wifi connection. When a client opens a shared document, reps receive insights into what they viewed and when they viewed it. Imagine how much more successful your sales reps will be with these tools available at their fingertips! Find out today how a sales enablement app developer can add to your bottom line!


Effective training goes hand in hand with powerful technology. We are a custom medical device app developer that creates interactive education apps that can be used anywhere to learn and educate others. Many of our interactive medical education app development projects focus on creating training apps to help sales reps and doctors who are in the medical device industry. With our sales demonstration apps, companies are able to showcase how their medical devices work within the human body. Our 3D simulators and VR apps create a beautiful photorealistic environment that allows users to feel immersed in the anatomy and functionality of the device. With this high level of interaction, custom medical device app users are able to learn quicker and retain more information. These training apps give immediate feedback to the user when they make mistakes throughout the simulation so they can quickly correct their mistakes and learn the right technique. This is what a medical simulator app developer can do for you and your team!

See how Infuse clients are using mobile technology to improve their education and training programs!



Q: What kind of support will I get with my custom app?

A: You will have an assigned account manager and project manager that will work with you through the project. The account manager will continue to be your main point of contact after the project is complete for any follow up and support needs after the app is launched. Your account manager will be very familiar with your app, and you’ll be familiar with your account manager, making the whole experience an enjoyable one.

Q: What are the benefits of a custom app?

A: By creating a custom app for your sales and training team, your team can walk through a virtual tour of the product, with hot spots, zoom in’s, 360 view, and even view the product in the room with augmented reality, without the need to carry the product with them. They can also walk through each step of a surgical procedure, showcasing the benefits and value of using your products vs. competitors’ products.

Q: What factors determine the cost of developing an app?

A: There are several components that impact the cost of developing a mobile app. The level and complexity of 3D elements that are needed, how much interactivity is needed, the overall amount of content, and number of customizations that are needed.

Q: What kind of media can I put into my content library?

A: Any content that is viewable from a mobile device can be managed and viewed using the content library. Some of the documents PDF Files, PowerPoint files (PPT, PPTX), MP4, M4V, MOV Excel files (XLS, XLSX), Word files (DOC, DOCX) etc. We also have a tool to convert an existing Powerpoint to HTML, so the content can be viewed as it was originally intended with transitions, embedded videos, etc.

Q: How long does it take to build an app?

A: The mobile app development process typically takes 3 – 6 months to build an app. The length varies based on the complexity of the app. This includes the time to gather requirements, wireframe, build out the app, test the app, and several client review and feedback loops along the way.

Q: What does the client need to provide?

A: The client will need to provide CAD files for the product (If they don’t have access to them, we can create them, but CAD files speed up the process and reduces costs), brand guidelines, as well as goals and objectives for the app. Infuse will work with you to understand the key selling points and what differentiates you from the competition, so we can highlight those pieces in the app.

Q: What are the yearly maintenance costs?

A: Annual maintenance costs vary. For iOS there is an annual update to their iOS and Infuse will do a diagnostic test to ensure the app will still be fully functioning with the new release prior to the release and resign your app each year which is a requirement by Apple, for a minimal fee.

Q: What goes into an award winning app?

A: Award winning apps are visually stunning, and have a pre-defined purpose/objective with a measurable ROI.

Q: How can mobile apps drive more sales?

A: Mobile apps can increase sales by empowering your reps to easily speak to the product benefits, and quickly access content and switch talk tracks depending on who the conversation is with. Our mobile apps are all built to work offline, so no matter the location, they can access the content, and quickly get to the information they need to show, to help the client understand the value of the product.

Q: Why mobile app vs website or brochures?

A: Sales reps have limited time to make a lasting impression. Do you want your rep to fumble through a briefcase of brochures to find the right document, or simply click in an app to find exactly what they need based on the direction the conversation is going? Brochures are great as a leave behind, but with a mobile app, it can also be an electronic brochure, with the ability to know when the customer has viewed the document.

Having a classy, visually stunning mobile app utilizing the latest technology also tells the customer that you’re an innovative and cutting edge company, and your products deserve an innovative and cutting edge solutions to sell.

Q: What platform should I use and why?

A: Depending on your situation, you may want an app built only for iOS, Windows, or Android. For example, if all of your reps have an iOS device, such as an iPad to sell from, the best and least expensive solution would be to build a custom app for the iPad. This would give your users the best user experience and have fewer limitations in terms of capabilities. If you have reps with all types of devices, you may prefer an app built in html, that can be used across platform, to reduce the cost of building an app native for each platform.

Q: What are the benefits of cross platform apps?

A: The benefits of cross platform apps are that much of the code is re-usable, making it quicker to develop, and reducing costs. When developing on a single source code, for multiple platforms, 60-80% of the code is re-usable, making it cheaper and faster to develop an app that will work on all platforms, as compared to developing native apps for each platform.

Q: What is the process of building an app?

A: When we build your app, we will start by gathering requirements, and then will put the requirements into a wireframe. The wireframe is a visual “outline” of the app. The purpose of the wireframe is to identify the key pages and elements that will be on each page, and how the pages will flow, and the overall UI/UX of the application. Once we have the wireframe completed and approved, we’ll have our 3D build out the 3D elements and our development team will build out the interactivity within the app. Throughout this process the Infuse team will be in constant communication with you, to inform, update, and allow you to see the app as it progresses and provide feedback.

Q: Can I re-use any of the work that we create for the app?

A: Yes, the 3D elements and pages created for the app can often times be used for print, or for your website. At Infuse, we specialize in making sure you get the most value out of the work we do for you, and want to make sure the content created can be utilized for sales, marketing and training purposes.