3D medical animation is how the new wave of medical marketing will render.

There are a couple of reasons 3D medical animation is a great way to market to the medical industry. Most prevalently is that advances in technology are driving medical marketing’s reliance on 3d animation.
These trends aren’t just reflecting in the marketing world either. The Grand View Forecast states that the global market for medical animation is worth $514 million by 2024. Naturally, as the market matures, the quality of work it expects matures as well.

Here are several benefits of 3D animation and answers to several questions that we get regularly.

How Can You Get the Most Out of My 3D Medical Animation?

To start with, medical animation is great for explainer videos of all kinds. Keep the following in mind when you’re scoping out your next medical marketing campaign.

Use 3D Animation to Educate Professionals and Patients

We often forget that medical professionals need regular training to keep up with current technology and best practices. 3D animation is one of the best educational resources you can find. Tell a story using 3D animation and your audience is more likely to remember what they’re supposed to do to succeed.

So, if you’re in medical device sales, get a 3D educational video made for your product that does both a thousand-yard view and an in-depth presentation. This allows you to not just tell medical professionals how your device is used, but actually show them in detail how the device can help them and their patients. Boom! Your sales pitch just got that much stronger.

In the same vein, patients benefit from understanding how medical devices operate, and how they benefit them. Whether you sell a medical device that is used by professionals, or by the patients themselves, providing educational 3d animated videos that the medical professionals can use to educate their patients boosts your stock with them.

Use 3D Animation for Online Marketing

The educational content and information that the medical field often needs to convey is really, really hard to market. You need to give your audience something that they can understand, and quickly. 3D animated videos make it easier for your target market to understand the information you’re trying to share.

Another aspect to consider is that many people will scroll past your marketing content if it doesn’t grab and hold their attention. 3D animation is naturally good at catching and keeping attention. Using 3D animation gives you the opportunity to maximize the engagement of your online audience.

Use 3D Animations for Investor Presentations

Investor presentations are challenging in fields that focus on selling medical devices. You have to get your investor to buy in – to care. The more you can get your investor invested, the more they’ll, well, invest!

3D’s ability to present information in a formal but easy to understand way is perfect for this kind of situation. Remember, 3D animation is great for education and information retention. If you’re able to get investors to sit down with you and you have a professionally animated video that conveys your vision in a simple way, then you’re 75% of the way there.

Now, Why Use 3D Medical Illustrations and Animations?

3D animation is one of the best kinds of animation that you can use for most videos. Still, 3D animation makes a particularly compelling case for itself in several key areas.

3D Is Great for a Thousand Yard View

A thousand-yard view is a sales technique that allows the salesperson and the buyer to take a step back together and observe a problem together.

3D is excellent at this because of its flexibility. You can animate certain situations that would be expensive to recreate otherwise. For example, you could animate an operation on the screen while a voiceover talks about your product and how it can:

• Improve the operation for the medical professional
• Decrease the operation time
• Increase the operation success rate
• Improve the operational or recovery experience for the patient

The possibilities are endless. 3D’s big advantage is creating visuals that communicate information clearly in a way words alone cannot.

3D Animation Is Great for Reaching Diverse Audiences

One of the significant advantages of animation, in general, is its ability to change and morph to appeal to various audiences using a change in tone. Tone is a combination of animation style, voice-over, and presented information.

All of these factors are controllable within a 3D animated project. That means that a 3D animation can be geared and targeted toward board members, surgeons who are in surgery every day, or a patient that may have very limited understanding.

3D animation is especially great for children. What better way to explain a chronic illness or operation to a child than with a welcoming, warm animation that will help put them at ease and understand what is going to happen, and why.

3D Naturally Looks More Professional

There’s something about 3D’s perspective and detail that makes it look more professional than a 2D animation. Even if a 2D animation is done exceptionally well, there’s a feeling of playfulness that you can’t shake. 3D medical animation allows you to present exactly what you need to in a professional manner that positions you as a trusted expert.

Showcase the Device

3D animation is becoming more and more central to medical sales strategy because it can provide visuals that wouldn’t be possible without using technology.

For example, if the sales staff is selling a new X-Ray device, they can pull up a 3D animation that provides an overview of the machine and its functions. Then, that same video can transition to an exploded view of that machine and its components to break down how the machine is different. For example, if one of the machines features is an easier maintenance routine, you can animate what that looks like and how it is performed.

Animation opens new doors for salespeople who like to give their customers a lot of information in a short amount of time. A visual experience via 3D animation is the most powerful way to accomplish this.

Involve Your Clients in the Sales Process

Visually engaging content, like 3D animated videos, holds an audience’s attention better than any other kind of video medium. If an audience is engaged, then they learn better. We know – shocker. Still, this is a fact that gets overlooked by industries that commonly get bogged down by data and boring PowerPoint slides. The improved engagement also improves recall and retention! Engaging videos are shown to make customers remember you over anyone else. Give your sales team the leg up on the competition.

No Matter How You Shake It, 3D Medical Animation Sells

We hope that this short overview of how 3D medical animation can benefit and improve your marketing and sales experience helps you gain a greater insight into how 3D animation can help drive more sales.

If you have any questions about 3D medical animation, please reach out.