Infuse Media, a full service creative and digital agency, announced today that their agency won the Salt Lake City AIGA 100 award in the category of “Digital Media.” Each year, AIGA judges select the year’s 100 best pieces of design in advertising and digital media from among thousands of entries from the area’s top design agencies. Infuse won the award for their recently completedcustom mobile app, the Boston Scientific Guidewire App.

When asked how their creative team innovated during the design of the Guidewire app, Danny Harker, Infuse Media’s Creative Director said, “We had the challenge of finding a way to display large quantities of data from the client’s complete product line. We had to design the Guidewire app to be efficient as well as ensure that the user experience was nothing short of exceptional.”

Infuse was presented with their AIGA 100 award on May 17, 2014 at “The 2014 AIGA 100 Show Gala & Benefit” in Salt Lake City. The 100 show is the region’s most prestigious juried competition for digital media–a celebration that honors and showcases the year’s best and most innovative breakthroughs in design.




Excited to be recognized for the creative work they contribute to the “interactive design” realm, Infuse accounts their success to the approach their design team takes. As Harker explained, their designers not only have to focus heavily on the limitations of the hardware they are designing for, but they also have to make sure that everything they design comes together in a beautiful user experience and final overall design.

When asked what the award meant to his team, Harker added, “We’re proud of the work we did, and we’re extremely pleased to have received this prestigious award.”