Unique times call for unique solutions. Now may be the best time to add 3D animation to your sales toolkit to empower your salespeople. If you already utilize a sales enablement tool, then it can be as simple as having the animation made and pushing it to your sales team.

Not using a sales enablement app to help bridge the gap between sales and marketing? Now may be the time to commit to that as well.

How Do You Get Started on Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a new concept for many because it is a relatively new concept in general, but it isn’t hard to understand.

Simply put, sales enablement is the process of providing your sales team with the resources they need to close more deals. Such resources include content, tools, and information to sell your prospects more effectively on your service or product.

There are many sales enablement tools, such as apps, and more seem to pop up every day. The purpose of a sales enablement software or app is to enable your sales and marketing teams to work together more efficiently. And it is becoming so popular, that companies are building sales enablement teams with the sole responsibility of mastering sales enablement to help increase sales.

So how do sales enablement tools work?

Imagine that your marketing team has created amazing sales and marketing content for your sales team to utilize, and you want to make sure your prospects see it. You need a way to deliver it to your sales team, help them share and present the right content at the right time, and do it all from a central location. Did we mention you want metrics on all the materials, such as usage data? Sales enablement software exists to do just that!

Utilizing 3D Animation to Increase Sales

Utilizing 3D animation in your sales process has many benefits, including:

  • Demonstrating your product or service without having to be in person
  • Executing flawless demonstrations by cutting out potential human error
  • Giving your product or service the state-of-the-art, cutting edge look it deserves
  • Providing engaging visuals that are more effective than images and words, and help build credibility
  • Creating imagery that is impossible for you to recreate in the real world, such as a medical device that is implanted or utilized in surgery

Continuing with the example of a medical device, think about how game changing a 3D animation could be. For example, let’s say you sell a large, complex medical device that is utilized for a specific type of surgery. To demonstrate the product effectively, you would either have to bring potential customers to your facility or find a way to move the device around to your sales meetings. This can become expensive and add significant time to the sales process. And how do you properly demonstrate how it improves the surgery experience for both doctors and patients?

A professional 3D animation would allow you to quickly and effectively show the machine and how it operates. If appropriate, as part of the animation, you can show how the machine operates internally, or highlight any important details that would normally require dismantling the machine in person. Additionally, you can easily demonstrate how the machine makes operations better for the doctors and the patients, without needing to demonstrate it either via a live surgery or a studio production. This could greatly reduce your production costs.

Three Ways to Use 3D Animation in Sales Enablement

Imagine that your marketing team creates a stunning 3D animation that clearly and simply highlights the value proposition of your product or service. You’re confident that this animation will create a richer experience for prospects, and close more deals. You want to get it to your sales team to start using immediately. How would you do it?

Now, imagine that you have a sales enablement tool in place and someone on your marketing team uploads the animation into it and distributes it to your entire sales team in the click of a button.

1. Resources Tailored to the Buyer

Once you see the value of adding 3D animation to your sales process, you’ll want more than just one animation. But how do your sales reps know which animation to use, and when to use it?

Your sales enablement platform will not only put the 3D animations at your sales team’s fingertips, but it will help them understand the buyer’s intent, purchasing habits, motives, demographics and more to effectively engage the buyer.

2. Content That is Easy to Understand and Implement

A great sales enablement software makes it easy for your sales team to find and manage content. The marketing team can easily add (or update) materials, and your salespeople can quickly access and use the content. However, it goes deeper than that.

Your marketing team can do more than just add content. They can add training around that content, to help your sales team understand how and when the content is intended to be used. This keeps your sales and marketing teams on the same page and helps train salespeople on new material quickly.

3. Training and Development

When people consider sales enablement and 3D animation, they often only consider how it impacts the customer’s experience. However, both sales enablement and 3D animation provide greater opportunities. One of the most overlooked opportunities is training and developing your own sales team.

In order to increase sales, training and development needs to be a continual and consistent piece of your sales process. Sales enablement solutions can provide sales reps with much needed initial training, and the continued development they need to be effective and efficient at selling your product or service.

When you pair the training and development capabilities of sales enablement solutions with a training 3D animation, you can train and educate your entire sales team easily.

Working with the Right 3D Animation Company

That sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not.

In fact, here at Infuse Media we’ve helped countless companies do just that, by creating custom apps and sales enablement solutions along with 3D animations.

If you’re looking for help with sales enablement solutions or 3D animations (or both), please let us know. We’ll use our years of experience to help you implement winning solutions and grow your sales by using 3D animation with sales enablement.