Augmented Reality

AR: The Future of the Medical Industry

The future of medical learning is undoubtedly in simulations and Augmented Reality, and Infuse Medical is helping lead the push to new grounds for AR usage within the medical industry for education, medical device sales and more. Because of the real-world consequences involved, medical industries truly face an up-hill battle when it comes to having an abundance of time and real world opportunities for learning and experimenting to keep up with the pace of all the medical advancements out there. For the most part, hands-on learning opportunities are extremely limited, both by the relative rarity of occurrences in some medical scenarios, and because of the rapid rate of new developments including the continual changes in how procedures should be performed. Too often, surgeons are faced with the task of implanting medical devices for the first time—during an actual surgery, but these limitations can now be widely offset with the advancement of AR technology which puts learners in a real-life environment using augmented simulations, giving medical professionals time to test, experiment and learn about advancements and medical devices long before a surgery takes place.

VR Application
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Intuitive AR Application for Medical Industry

Unlike Virtual Reality where the user enters a completely simulated environment, AR allows users to remain in the real world while experiencing a simulated addition within their real world environment. A good example of the overall benefits of AR is best understood by taking a look at the recent explosion of Pokemon Go (an AR application). Because the game places simulations within the user’s real word, users can move and navigate unhindered by the boundaries of the game. Infuse Medical has already created intuitive AR applications for the medical industry to make it easier for users to participate in their real-world environment while having a simulated experience.

With the latest developments in the technology that supports stereoscopic 360 video, medical device marketers now have a new and enriched medium for experiential marketing, clinical education and training.


Augmented Reality

Interact with and manipulate in real time.


Stereoscopic 360° Video

Video with true depth and exceptional detail.


Virtual Reality

Immerse and experience in simulated environments.


InfuseVR Platform

VR platform for instant 3D compilation and exploration of CT and MRI scans.


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AR Development- Our Speciality

As AR and VR technology advances and becomes more widely used, we’re focused on staying one step ahead of the pack. As we like to say at Infuse Medical, every 90 days we’re doing something nobody has done before. That’s because we immerse ourselves in our clients’ needs and objectives and surround ourselves with the very best and newest technical tools available. When it comes to AR, we specialize in AR development using the Oculus, GearVR and the Vive for AR simulation.


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Gear VR

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