Trident ROI App

Marketing Challenge

Following breast excisional biopsy procedures in an operating room setting, the patients’ breast specimen is imaged on a mammography system to confirm that the cancerous breast tissue has been removed. This processing and evaluation occurs while the patient remains under anesthesia. Oftentimes the imaging equipment is not based in the operating room department, which can increase processing time by 10-20 minutes – all while the patient remains under anesthesia.

The Trident Specimen Radiography System enables physicians to save time by evaluating breast biopsy specimens at the point-of-care. This reduces procedural time and patient anesthesia exposure. However, purchasing this system requires a significant investment and there is no reimbursement for the imaging associated with this system. The marketing challenge was to provide Hologic sales reps with a tool to quickly and effectively demonstrate a compelling ROI for this capital equipment expense to key hospital decision-makers, in particular non-clinical decision-makers, which justifies its cost.

Target Audience

Both Clinical and Financial decision makers who approve capital equipment purchases in imaging centers, ambulatory surgery centers or hospital facilities.

Campaign Objective

Previous solution was a spreadsheet on a laptop which was cumbersome and less effective. The objective was to develop a quickly-accessible, easy-to-use, interactive tool which enables the Sales team to show the cost benefits of The Trident Specimen Radiograph System, generate a document of this analysis, and be able to email this directly to the contact, as well as save it for future reference which can speed up the purchasing discussion.

Creative Strategy

Develop an iPad application (The Trident ROI App) with an accurate calculator tool that results in a clean and easy to read form, and the ability to email to customers and save for the sales representative.


Due to the success of the Trident campaign, Hologic has adopted the ROI calculator as a best practice for the salesforce and has implemented the application across all business units.