Sapiens TCS App

Marketing Challenge

Bard Access Systems (division of C.R. Bard) launched a new Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) system in 2010 that has revolutionized the bed-side placement of PICCs by increasing the accuracy of placement and enabling confirmation of the catheter tip location. This has not only decreased time to release the PICC for clinical use but, more importantly, it has eliminated confirmatory chest x-rays and patient x-ray exposure. The marketing challenge was that this platform consisted of a new technology, new capital equipment, and new procedure which had to be rapidly taught to thousands of PICC and vascular access nurses across the country. In some instances, not only new equipment, new technical, and new procedural knowledge was needed, but new medical knowledge pertaining to how to read heart rhythms was required.

Target Audience

PICC Nurses, Vascular Access Nurses, and Clinical Specialists

Campaign Objective

Enable target audience to rapidly acquire knowledge and confidence necessary to begin placing TCS PICCs.

Creative Strategy

Produce a campaign which includes an iPad App clinical training tool that helps to simulate not only the capital equipment and new Sapiens system, but also enables users to conduct a “virtual procedure” in the relevant anatomy using the simulation.


“The training received through the app contributed to a very high conversion rate to the new system.” – MM&M Awards 2012