Equinoxe Sales Targeting App

Marketing Challenge

Orthopedics is one of the most competitive segments in the medical device industry. Exactech’s Equinoxe Shoulder Implant is one of several systems on the market that compete for surgeon adoption. With so many features and benefits that can help sell the product, and so many competitors to sell against, the right message is hard for the average sales rep to find, let alone a new sales rep. Often a sales rep only has a few minutes or less to deliver key information to a surgeon to convey the value of the Equinoxe system. Good sales call preparation is not always done which results in the effectiveness of the message being highly-dependent upon the individual knowledge and skill of the sales rep. Our challenge is to educate, provide critical resources, and help formulate the message for a specific surgeon to help the sales rep sell Exactech’s Equinoxe Shoulder Implant.

Target Audience

Exactech Equinoxe Sales Reps

Campaign Objective

The objective was to provide a way for sales reps to develop a sales call strategy that would be most effective in closing a sale.

Creative Strategy

Develop an iPad app (“Sales Targeting App”) that will filter through personal information about the surgeon targets such as where they went to school, what product they are currently using, where they are located, and whether they are a generalist and a specialist. In the end the sales rep would be presented with a customized message for the sales call depending on the length of the call, and would be able to provide the names of other surgeons who are using the product that the surgeon target might know, and nearby places where they could visit a surgeon using the product. These resources and surgeon references can be updated dynamically in the App so that the information is continually up-to-date.


“The app has been used more than 250 times to prepare for sales calls which exceeded our expectations. 47 unique sales users have an average session length of 4.13 minutes. The App has played a key role in the sales cycle of current Equinoxe conversions. Experienced reps love getting into the nuance and strategy of a high-profile sales call. New reps love the sheer amount of material which helps them train year-round and not have to wait for one of our quarterly sales trainings.” – Mindy Underberger – Manager of Creative Services, Exactech Inc.

“The sales targeting app is extremely beneficial. You have all of the important information you need on the competitors’ products. It’s collaborated in a way that is simple and to the point. It definitely saves time, especially for people like me that are newer and trying to understand the advantages of our products compared to that of our competitors.” -Charlie O’Ferrall, Exactech Account Manager