Software Products

While we know our bread and butter are the custom projects and amazing service we give our clients, we’re in tune enough with the general needs of the healthcare industries to offer a few pre-built products. These software products are fully built and ready to solve some of the gnarliest pain-points afflicting those working in medical industries. Whether you need our products exactly the way they are now, or if you need some level of customization, we’ll make sure that the solution you get is exactly the solution you need.

SoloFire Mobile Framework

The SoloFire Dynamic Configuration Platform is our proprietary mobile app framework. With SoloFire, one can create an unlimited amount of custom mobile apps with seamless functionality, robust security, and a bevy of attractive, useful features. Optimized for mobile sales tools, apps built on SoloFire easily integrate with Salesforce, Air Watch, and other important 3rd-party systems. Gather info in dynamic PDF forms and signature retrieval fields, and sync that data on-the-go with cloud syncing capabilities. SoloFire: everything you need to build yourself the perfect sales app for your needs.

Solofire Device Image
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SoloFire Enterprise App Store

With SoloFire Enterprise App Store from Infuse Medical, you can easily and effectively distribute apps to user groups throughout your organization. No more sending complicated download links, passwords, and other information. No more keeping track of who has access to which tools and who doesn’t. The SoloFire Enterprise App Store gives you a simple, custom-branded solution to all your distribution problems.


The SunshineSync™ mobile app makes it easy for responsible parties to comply with the Open Payments recording and reporting requirements of the Sunshine Act and enforce compliance throughout their organizations. Through automation, cloud syncing, intuitive user inputs, and failsafe error checks, SunshineSync streamlines and simplifies every step in the recording and reporting processes. With one app, you can change a giant, new headache for manufacturers into something you barely notice. You might call it the most effective painkiller the medical manufacturing industry has ever known.

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