Infuse Medical is a high-end digital production agency that helps companies turn their powerful ideas into engaging marketing and sales enablement tools. We excel in creating breathtaking digital content that helps our clients meet their marketing, sales, and training objectives. The award-winning digital content we create ranges from 3D animation, web and app development, video production and more. Our ability to be a technical and creative agency has allowed us to be trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world. We have been able to help our clients launch new products, train their reps, and deliver captivating experiences at trade shows and national sales meetings.

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It can be difficult for companies to effectively tell their story and showcase their complex products and technologies. But thanks to 3D animation, you can tell your story with more than just words, pictures, and traditional video. Creating animations in 3D gives you the ability to captivate users with powerful imagery without limitations. With ultimate flexibility and control of the camera, lighting and textures, you can create any video that you can imagine. From putting a camera into a beating heart, the internal workings of a product, or all the way down to the cellular level of human anatomy. 3D animations are used in industries across the globe, for various purposes, including product launches, trade shows, training, commercials, mobile applications, and virtual reality. They can also be published in multiple mediums to create even more eye-catching content. Let your 3D animation speak louder than words.

The Infuse app development team has created over 350+ proven apps to help our clients with increasing sales and improving training. Our app developers have created mobile apps, ROI calculators, eLearning courses, websites, simulators, VR and AR experiences, and web applications. We love pushing the edge of technology to help our clients create the best tools to meet their sales, marketing, and training goals. One of the best things about our apps is that they can be built on our proprietary content management system called Solofire. This allows our clients to add and remove content to their app dynamically, manage users, and track how the app is being used.

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Infuse has had a blast with all the video production we have done over the years. We help our clients with training, promotional, 360 stereoscopic, and medical procedure videos. Our secret to making the best videos lies with our detailed process to make sure the video shoot goes smoothly, and we get all of the shots needed. After the shoot, our highly talented video editors can add text, music, graphical overlays to really make the videos stand out. Our video production team is great at fleshing out your ideas to make sure they come to life the way you want them, resulting in top of the line videos.