Trade Show

Dynamic Trade Show Attractors

At trade shows, nothing is more important than standing out from the crowd. Flashier attractors mean more visitors, which brings you what you’re ultimately looking for: high quality leads. Infuse Medical specializes in designing trade show attractors that not only bring you attention, but help sell you and your products to booth visitors. Going to trade shows can be expensive, and trade show floors can be crowded, so if you don’t find a way to get your voice heard, you can end up paying a lot for just a few leads. Let Infuse Medical put its high-powered tech and creative artistry to use in making you a trade show attractor that will get the job done and protect your investment.

Trade Show Attractors that Build Your Brand and Get You Leads

Trade shows are important for almost any industry, but for the medical device industry, they are key. Infuse Medical has a long history of providing compelling demonstrations for device manufacturers. We know how to make your trade show booth and your products stand out in a good way. Whether we use our advanced augmented reality simulation technology, gamification, 3D modeling, or any of our impressive creative services, we’ll work with you to find the perfect way to showcase your products with clarity and panache.

Full Integration to Help Convert Those Trade Show Leads

We don’t just give you a pretty 3D model and send you on your way. We want to help you develop a comprehensive and efficient lead funnel all the way from the trade room floor to your bottom-line. That means that we can provide integrated lead capture tools with any of our attractors, so you can know all that attention will be put to good use. We can completely integrate our products with Salesforce and countless other CRMs, and integrate the lead capture process into the natural flow of the trade show attractor. We’ll give you much more than a pretty video for your trade show–every beautiful thing we make is even prettier under the hood.