Healthcare and Medical Applications

Join the Mobile Revolution

As more and more of our media consumption, web browsing, and overall time is spent on mobile devices, a focused mobile marketing strategy is essential to any organization’s continued success and growth. In fact, every industry is scrambling to find ways to reach people directly on their phones and tablets, and the medical industries are no different. Infuse Medical is leading the charge with healthcare mobile applications built and ready for out-of-the-box use, as well as the expertise and flexibility to build comprehensive, custom medical apps for all of our healthcare clients’ needs.


For sales teams, mobile technology is absolutely essential. A well-equipped mobile device is a treasure trove of tools and information to help sales teams explain their products, demonstrate how they work, and gather, back-up, and sync real-time sales data. For a quick example of how we empower sales teams, check out our Sunshine Act Compliance mobile app. Knowing the need that would exist for medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical reps, and other healthcare suppliers, in the wake of the Sunshine Act’s reporting requirements, we created an app that would simplify and streamline the compliance process at every stage. And that’s just one example of how we apply our mobile expertise to solve real world problems.

Applied Understanding Of Mobile Technology

Tech-heads will love learning more about our proprietary mobile app framework, SoloFire. SoloFire provides us with the stability, efficiency, and flexibility necessary to make our clients’ apps do exactly what they need them to. Modules within the framework offer easy integration with Salesforce and other CRMs, unlimited user group creation and configuration, easy PDF-form creation, and everything else we need to make sure your app gets the job done.