Augmented Reality and Simulation Services


Because of the real-world consequences involved, medical industries face obstacles to teaching and sharing information. For the most part, hands-on learning opportunities are extremely limited, both by the relative rarity of the occurrences of many medical scenarios and by the random, unbalanced geographic distribution of those occurrences. These limitations can be offset by advanced technology that puts learners in augmented environments that simulate real-life environments. The future of medical learning is undoubtedly in simulations and augmented reality, and Infuse Medical is helping lead the push to new grounds in using simulations in medical industries to accelerate the transfer of knowledge.


Augmented reality refers to the modifying of augmented environments to include external computer-generated elements. Think of the point-of-view of a cybernetic super-soldier in a sci-fi movie, with all the sensors, information inputs, crosshairs, etc. Even the view through Google Glass provides a more subtle example of augmented reality. Infuse Medical employs augmented reality in its medical simulations in order to enhance the simulation’s ability to communicate effectively with participants. Whether you want to use augmented reality simulations to train practitioners or just as a trade show attractor, Infuse Medical will help you get use the newest technology to effectively communicate your message.


As AR and VR technology advances and becomes more widely used, we’re focused on staying one step ahead of the pack. As we like to say at Infuse Medical, every 90 days we’re doing something nobody has done before. That’s because we immerse ourselves in our clients’ needs and objectives and surround ourselves with the very best and newest technical tools available. When it comes to AR, we specialize in iPad AR development and in Oculus VR simulation, as well as in integrating augmented reality into interactive simulations for the Wii, Kinect, Leap Motion, and Unity 3D platforms.