At Infuse Med, we’re keenly aware of how important mobile tools have become to sales teams and medical device reps. Soon, Apple will unveil new iPhone and iPad models and, with them, a new iteration of their mobile operating system: iOS 8. So what do the medical device marketing and sales industries need to know to stay up to speed with everything iOS 8 has to offer? View Infuse Med’s recently released White Paper to find out everything you need to know about i0S 8!

What does an iOS update mean to app developers like Infuse?

As new methods are brought into use, old ones are “deprecated,” meaning Apple plans to phase them out of use in their operating system.

What does an iOS update mean to app users like our clients?

When Apple deprecates a method or feature of its operating system, apps that use deprecated methods will eventually start to break down and crash.

How will iOS 8 be different for medical device reps & sales organizations?

A few of the new changes that might be important to medical device manufacturers and sales teams.

  1. More Integration
    For our clients, these changes suggest it may become much easier to make all of their sales tools work comfortably together, taking advantage of the native tools included in the new operating system.
  2. Handoff and Continuity
    iOS 8 is emphasizing continuity among Apple devices, by letting users begin and complete operations on different devices. That means, for example, that iPad apps can initiate calls to be completed on the user’s iPhone, using the new “Handoff” feature.
  3. A Changing Apple Landscape
    Differently sized iPhone and iPad devices could be coming soon, as well as the possibility of split-screen multitasking or resizable app windows in future iOS updates.

What is Infuse doing to help their clients prepare?

  • Beta Testing
    We’re being aggressive with checking our apps against iOS 8, to make the transition as seamless as possible for our current projects.
  • Learning Swift
    Eventually, we’ll phase Objective C out completely for our iOS app projects, to make sure we stay on the cutting edge of Apple and its mobile operating system.
  • Avoiding Deprecation
    As part of our organizational philosophy, we phase out deprecated methods as quickly as possible. We want to make sure the apps we build are effective for as long as possible for our valued clients and their app end-users. That said, we can’t always predict when a feature or function will begin to break or crash the app. Some of the apps we’ve built in the past just won’t work right on iOS 8. That’s why we stand ready to help any of our clients update their apps to the features of the new iOS release.

What can YOU do to prepare?

First of all, just give us a call. Contact your account specialist at Infuse and we can immediately begin checking your currently existing apps on Beta versions of iOS 8, to ensure the transition is as seamless as it can be for your app’s users. We can also help you develop new apps and features to take advantage of the new capabilities that come with the new iOS.

As always, the easiest way to be prepared for any update to iOS is to sign up for Infuse’s maintenance plan. For clients on the maintenance plan, we’re already working to update their apps to the new iOS, and that will just continue as Apple continues to innovate new ways to improve their customers’ experiences with their mobile devices.

The upshot? With Infuse on your side, you don’t need to worry. Our skilled, expert development team will protect you and your users from the headaches of bugs and crashes. A new operating system should be good news for anyone willing to get ready for it and take advantage of its new opportunities. Make it good news for you by giving us a call.

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