In anticipation of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) Open Payments reporting deadline of March 31st, 2014, Infuse Media Group announced today the spring release of SunshineSync, an industry-wide transfer-of-value recording application designed to simplify the reporting process and safeguard the reputations of physicians and providers under the Sunshine Acts Open Payments mandate.

SunshineSync is a SaaS application (with accompanying iPad app) that provides both providers and manufacturers with technology to accurately capture transfer-of-value data, with a heavy focus on pre-reporting error safeguards and dispute resolution capabilities. From within the applications new and improved administration portal, physicians and hospitals will be able to create their own secure account where they can view and/or dispute all records being stored by SunshineSync under their NPI number. To decrease the possibility of disputes and reporting errors even further, users can accurately capture a transfer-of-value at the point and time of transfer, with or without Wi-Fi connectivity, with a date and time-stamped digital signature from the physician or provider. Detailed email receipts are also automatically sent to providers for further confirmation that a transfer-of-value has taken place (and will eventually be reported) under their NPI number.

If you have not considered how your sales representatives are going to be handling dispute resolutions, now would be the time to ensure that your protocol is in place to avoid frustrated customers and damaged reputations, says Jordan Erickson, Infuse Media Group President. We have engineered several safeguards to make sure the data that is sent to CMS for reporting is vetted by the provider and accurate before it is made public.
In addition to helping physicians and manufacturers work together to reduce and resolve errors before reports are submitted to the CMS, SunshineSync hopes to make recording a transfer-of-value even more accurate, fast, and error free at the point of transfer by consolidating multiple users under one company account and allowing for company-wide customized categories, products, events, and materials (with pre-determined values assigned) to be added to all users iPad apps instantly from the companys administration portal. Also included in the administration portals centralized dashboard is the option to securely display, sort and edit transfer-of-value records in their pre-reporting stage before being exported in the format requested by CMS.

These and other features are made available to physicians and manufacturers just in time for the CMSs reporting mandate deadline; which requires that all pharmaceutical, device or other biomedical suppliers report anything of value they provide to their physician, hospital, and dentist customers. This includes reporting transfer-of-value payments for events attended, meals provided and speaking engagements. Data from this disclosure program, meant to promote transparency, will be made public no later than September 30th, 2014 through the CMS.
With these features and many more, SunshineSync has positioned itself as the safest, most audit-ready, and fully compliant solution on the market today, Erickson boasts. We believe that by using our application, relationships between manufacturers and providers will continue to flourish… as we simplify the reporting process and emphasize the importance of protecting public records under the new mandate.

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